env-diff is a command-line to tool to generate reports to compare the value of environment variables in each of your environments against the defaults defined in various files. It will help you you find:

  • variables absent from production, but will be required for a new feature in test
  • production values that shouldn't be shared to your staging environment
  • variables set that are no longer referenced in any files

This tool was built with Heroku in mind, but should work with any infrastructure that supports running commands remotely.



  • Python 3.6+


Install env-diff with pip:

$ pip install env-diff

or directly from the source code:

$ git clone https://github.com/jacebrowning/env-diff.git
$ cd env-diff
$ python setup.py install


Generate a sample config file:

$ env-diff --init

Customize this file to match your project:

  • sourcefiles: contain references to environment variables used in your project
    • path: relative path to source file
  • environments: the environments in which your project runs
    • name: name of the environment
    • command: command to display currently set environment variables

Generate reports to show the differences between each environment variable:

$ env-diff


Input YAML config file:


Running in a terminal:


Output (as viewed in TableTool):